Leadership – direction or a way of life?

Through the recorded history certain concepts have enthralled and enamoured human imanigation.
Their seductive charm is so overwhelming that they have even been pursued to the level of neurotic obssession.
From the enigmatic nebula that envelops the basics of existence to those attributes of human beings which add the insignia of distinctiveness to a few, some concepts have never rendered themselves to structured explanations.
However, there is some consolation atleast with regards to the understanding of outstanding human attributes as we can very well study those individuals who are blesssed with such qualities, for instance the distinctive features of a leader.
Researchers and lay persons alike have spent fantastic amount of time in listing the factors responsible in the making of a leader.
And quite expectantly this has given rise to not only some fine literature on the subject but also a lot of pedestarian thoughts which have often cemented themselves into some or the other stereotype / preconceived notions.
People largely believe as has been established by a wonderful piece of research on the subject that leaders are the ones who are strong headed who normally dominate rather than take assistance from others.In the times of adversity they rise to the occasion and save the day very much like a superhero. That they work alone and most importantly they never commit mistakes.
Such an extreme popular image which many of us retain (most likely at a pre conscious level) inhibits our natural ability to readily identify a leader when he/ she is amognst us. Because in real life normal situations a succesful leader is not the one who inpires awe and aquiesence but one who gives rise to a sense of contenment and a desire to contribute and collaborate. And contrary to what many of us would like to believe they are not an endangered breed. There are many of them but what needs to be understood that the concept of leadership is relative and also field specific.

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