The Dark knight Rises seriously deserved a sequel

TDKR (Pic Courtesy:
TDKR (Pic Courtesy:
The Dark knight Rises seriously deserved a sequel though Nolan et al decided otherwise. The second half of the movie deals with a variety of issues and many indirect references are made. One undoubtedly is to communism or more precisely to the perils of the rage of the masses. The movie implicitly suggests that corrective and timely steps are indispensable to address the discontent and the accumulation of frustration which is the inevitable fallout of the modern life. A myriad of images light up in your mind as you listen to the deranged yet deceptively plausible speech of Bane as he ostensibly puts the authority in the hands of the people and very oddly you find yourself thinking about the ‘Occupy Movement’ even though it gets washed off in a flash. The connection may seem far fetched yet the themes of corruption and the desire to dispossess the disproportionately rich is common.
Since Nolan took the reins in his hands the Batman movies always incorporated an enriched philosophical battle which ran through the war between the good and evil notwithstanding the superlative gadgets and detonators. Conclusions which were given to the philosophical aspect of the earlier two movies were logical and adequately satisfying. Surprisingly, in the present movie even though the Batman uses his resilience and moral integrity to fight back Bane the ideological challenge remains untackled . It could very well be the result of the obstinacy to make the third movie the last. So, a lot of data and events find themselves tightly packed and gasping for air in the second half of the movie along with some hasty editing and certain convenient measures. How can you possibly deliver the content of at least six and a half hour within the span of 165 minutes?
If I wish to trust my insight a prediction of some controversy getting tagged to this movie seems quite logical. In the times of severe economic distress the several sights of pushing out the affluent folks may also become enticing for some. While few others could imagine an affront to the legitimate struggle of those who have suffered due to the greed and apathy of those holding the levers of power. The news is pouring in that at least a dozen people have lost their lives following a shootout during a show of The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado. Probably some hasty conclusions will be drawn and some unwarranted allegations could also be made against the movie .
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