The Rage of Delhi

The city of Delhi is possessed, by demons of course. In yet another incident a couple of guys drove calmly around the city with weapons in hands killing people. They shot their victims mostly at point blank range and similar to the previous incident stopped only when they were done. No outside force interfered with their plans. I don’t know what is average reaction time of the Delhi Police for such violent incidents but they do seem to be more focused upon PR exercises. Every now and then there is this quarter of page of an advertisement showering praises on the level of excellence they have somehow already attained. How much confidence one can draw from such posters often resplendent with smiling faces when within a matter of few days as during the last winter at least three female bodies placed in a gunnysack are found outside railway stations? All of them were beheaded and carried multiple signs of brutalities inflicted on their young bodies.The MO at least with regards to the pattern of disposal was the same but apparently the police force failed to connect the dots. The number of violent cases wherein the targets are young and often minor girls may not be statistically that high but they stand apart simply on account of the audacity and the brutality of the perpetrators.
Some analysts have already termed Delhi to have surpassed a city like Mumbai on several counts but when it comes to the felt aspect of security Delhi is a wretched failure. Mumbai is not free from violent crimes but it is definitely not desensitised to such an abnormal extent as Delhi is. The reaction pattern of both the cities is in stark contrast. One needs to look no further than the newspaper reports. Even in one of the most respected newspaper of Delhi the very first line of the report about the recent killings terms like cocktail and references to one sided love affair have been made. The reporter is seemingly obsessed with the mitigating factors of the heinous crime and leaves you in no doubt of his intentions by referring you the page 3 appendage. Here instead of dwelling upon the pain of relatives of the victims and the sense of shock of the neighbouring families he decides to capture in details the observations of one of the close friends of the murderers. So they are described as fun loving and romantics. Why? Well because one of them liked to have multiple sexual affairs outside marriage and with abundant free time and loads of cash with them they simply loved to just hang around.And they were large hearted too as they would often throw parties for their friends. I just hope that the reporter too was not part of their extended friend circle. Going by the tone of his reports he seems to be more interested in the fact that how unlikely it was for such fun loving people to have committed such a crime? The implication is loud and clear. Something must have pushed them to take such an extreme step.
And this is not an exception but reflective of the pattern adopted by the media in response to such outrageous incidents which happen with an unabated frequency in the capital of our country. There are hardly any follow up reports and nothing to match the frenzy with which our media seizes upon the violent crimes if they happen in the faraway lands of the US. Then there are multiple articles telling us what is so wrong with the American life. One can be sure that sooner or later some analysis would emerge establishing a connection between the recent events in Delhi and shooting incidents of America as many have already concluded that all the perversions and distortions in the Indian society are actually imports; mainly from the advanced nations.
There could be a myriad of reasons which have created such an environment of impunity. The newly introduced elements of inequality which has placed too much money in undeserving hands; people who are bereft of any creativity and entrepreneurial energy which could guide them to put the money to good use.So they have decided to indulge in wastage. Swanky imported cars being driven by restless souls is becoming all too common in the city. With abundant amount of free time in their hands they seem to be rushing from one high to another. However this situation is becoming more intractable than it should be because the force of law has lost its edge of deterrence. And because the police force is largely incompetent.The lack of any reaction from the civil society groups and prominent intellectuals raises the fear that the city is about to throw itself off the cliff.
In India there is a marked aversion to the scientific way of dealing with pressing matters but there is a need to conduct some empirical studies to understand the insensitivity of the society in response to such crimes which is at its peak right at the centre, the capital.
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