Sales force : The Force is strong with this one!

Picture2Data will drive the future of business more specifically customer data. Hence, efficient and coherent management of customer related data assumes critical significance.

Businesses receive all sorts of customer data such as information related to customer’s general profiles, preferences and purchase patterns. The need is to place all this unorganized data in a reliable and seamless framework from which useful information can later be retrieved such as possible leads and cues for customized services.

The existing platforms such as Siebel etc while being very effective in their jobs do have a flip side. They are bulky and very expensive. Their implementation requires at least months of time during which they not only keep the existing infrastructure engaged but also require add ons. ( Dedicated servers to say the least.)

Sales force a is a relatively new kid on the block. Its most significant attribute : its cloud based which makes it easier to implement. Also, it can serve the needs of not only big businesses but also of small clients.

In India tools of customer retention and ways to ensure their optimum satisfaction still do not figure among the top priorities of businesses. However, opening up of the economy the competition which will follow in its wake is set to change the rules of the game.

In future the need for Sales force trained professionals is going to be phenomenal. The added advantage of this platform is that interested individuals can train themselves without the assistance of a formal institute . In India from reputed private institutes like NIIT to new start ups such as YES CRM consultants are providing training plus certification on all the modules of Sales force. ( Visit for more info )

However, how much the self trained professional can expect from the markets remains an open ended question. In response to an Email query regarding the possibility of a self trained and certified professional being able to find a job Amit Capoor Associate Dean – Budget & Planning at Higher Colleges of Technology suggested a cautious approach. Despite a projected rise in demand for such professional Mr Capoor thinks “the time & money spent on it may not be commensurate to the career-break that one may get”. Further he said that “Getting a relevant job and doing the trainings & certifications to enhance qualification with experience could be the approach.” Meera Gupta working in the HR department of SYNTEL India and located In Mumbai said ” Indian companies still prefer the traditional approach that is hiring people through campus placements”.

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