To wear and what!

 Kareena Kapoor has  an exquisite dressing style. (Courtesy:

With some caution a person’s clothing style can be considered as an outward extension of her personality, indicative  of her attitudes and reflective of her thinking. However, the crucial point to be emphasized here is that such assumptions are highly speculative as the clothing style is only the outward  projection of underlying attributes. The piece of information thus available is too little and insignificant to arrive at even some tentative assumptions.
According to the three fold division of non verbal communication by Ruees and Kees a person’s clothing style falls under the category of “Object Language” Thus even though non verbally something does get communicated through the clothes one decides to wear. Here, again there is a need for some pause as the interpretation of non verbal communication is fraught with many risks. A small gesture may mean everything, something or even nothing at all. A girl frequently moving her hands through her hair is probably feeling anxious or bored or may be she wants to catch the attention of the guy siiting across the table or it could be simply because she has got dandruff. The same elusiveness also applies to any conclusion one attempts to draw on the basis of someone else’s clothes.
Due to the blurring line of distinction between bias and true intuition many fall prey to such tricks of the subtle forms of communication. Why a person dresses up in a certain way could be the result of a myriad of factors and more likely the interactions between such factors.Nonetheless, because of our preconceived notions we tend to presist and overemphasise on some of these factors.  Why a girl prefers to wear the so called westernised dresses? The immediate answer to the minds of the majority of us would be on the line that she wants to appear appealing to the opposite gender or that she wants to look different or may be because she has been overwhelmed by the western culture. These answers appear plausible because they are intuitive i.e. it plainly seems to be a matter of commonsense.
However, my limited training in psychology has prepared me to look for counter intuitive alternatives too and then to select the range of most appropriate explanations through the application of scientific methods. And any such conclusion would always remain qualified by the context and a host of other factors.
Presently I do not have the resources to conduct some sort of research on this subject though some of my personal observations have convinced me of the presence of multitude of other factors as determinants of a person’s prefernce for some or other dressing style. Above all is the peculiar case of my girlfriend. She has over the years developed a strong preference for what a few of the wise men amongst us would like to classify as provocative dresses. But the goals of my girl seem to be running in some other unpredicted direction. One of primary vocations after getting dressed up is to get herself photographed in a number of delightful poses and as she is presently overseas one of her girlfriends gets to play the role of the photographer. All such pics become the part of her private collection and she is extremely cautious in sharing them with others. The photographer by defaulf and I by design are among the few fortunate souls who get to see these pics. My girl says that every once in a while she likes to go through her own pics and that she finds this exercise very pleasurable. I believe she has got a deep narcissistic orientaion. The point is different people often have differnt reasons for similar behaviours.
The repeated refernces to a women’s dress in the cases where she has been a victim of assault and abuse can largely be attributed to the pervert mindset of the people who make such statements however in some cases it’s also a case of faulty attribution where people have drawn broad conclusions based on the bits and pieces of information.

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