A girl’s love for Alaska (part 1) by Jaya Bharti

I was in Alaska for the third time in three years, drawn by the majestic silent grandeur of its snow-capped peaks, the contrasting lush greenery foregrounded by sprawling glaciers and amidst all of the vigor of nature the triumph of human ingenuity and curiosity which pushes us to unravel the unknown and to witness the unreachable.
For me now it is more than mere sight seeing. I am in love with Alaska. I knew it when I was ready to pack my bags and go there alone as none of my friends were able to see the logic of going to such difficult terrains for a vacation. Yes, it is tough love for it requires getting used to a sun which refuses to leave and often sets around mid-night and to be there out on the trekking trips one needs to be packed in atleast five layers of clothing.
But I love it all…

The territory of darkness flourishing right under the glaring sun.

Picture: Jaya Bharti.
Picture: Jaya Bharti. Setting sun on the Dalton Higway, Alaska.

. A leaf set in the chill of ice for an eternity.

Picture: Jaya Bharti
Picture: Jaya Bharti. Mendenall Glacier,Alaska.

An unusually rugged pathway leading probably to a world yet to be discovered.

Picture: Jaya Bharti
Picture: Jaya Bharti Mendenall Glacier, Alaska.

The Dall sheep,native to northwestern North America. Seem to be saying,” I look cute or sometimes even dumb but all I am  trying is to  not to be a prey today, giving myself another day to pose for you.

Picture: Jaya Bharti
Picture: Jaya Bharti. Denali National Park, Alaska.

The glorious mountain peaks,as if telling the trekkers, “I am tall, I am strong, I am rock, and my white color matches with the color of your pale and tired face.”

Picture: Jaya Bharti
Picture: Jaya Bharti, Denali Borough.

And this is the girl, smitten by the beauty of Alaska.

Picture: Serine Halverson
Picture: Serine Halverson. Jaya Bharti in Anchorage.


Jaya Bharti

(lives in Chicago, USA and travels whenever and wherever she can.)


One thought on “A girl’s love for Alaska (part 1) by Jaya Bharti

  1. hey Jaya am really impressed with this hidden writer’s talent….wish i too can make a trip to Alaska….apart from your awesome clicks u sure have ther travellers bug!!Go Girl Go!!

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