The Reader

One of the greatest authors speaking about the method behind his writing process once said that as soon as he wakes up words and sentences start to form in his head and he needs to put them down on paper just to keep his head clear. Many other writers may have expressed similar thoughts about […]

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Going Mental

Commenting on the nature of mental illnesses, Joseph Heller, in his hilarious rendition of the Old Testament, “God Knows” had David mouth the statement that it is contagious much like physical illnesses. It is apparently quite an offensive statement particularly given the sensitivity with which the issues associated with mental disorders are treated in our […]

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Good News: A Short Story

On a night of fierce winds and ferocious rains, a girl was caught unawares of the strike by cab drivers as she stood outside a plush restaurant after an insipid dinner with a colleague of her office. The rendezvous started with a great promise, unlike her previous experiences here was a guy who was waiting […]

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A Contrarian View on Virtues

Display of courage or for that matter any inherent trait is quite essential. Like any other human attribute or acquired skill, reading, writing, driving, culinary skills, athletic abilities, physical or mental strength, characteristics such as courage, kindness, empathy, compassion or in general any virtue needs occasions of expression without which left unused and unexpressed these […]

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A Contrarian View On Vice

Any analysis of failure will sure throw up a pattern of repetitive mistakes. A series of such mistakes eventually causes the undoing of any active enterprise. Even in our lives, sufferers are found to be repeating similar kind of mistakes over and over again – giving rise to the idea of vice. Because the cause […]

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