A Contrarian View On Vice

Any analysis of failure will sure throw up a pattern of repetitive mistakes. A series of such mistakes eventually causes the undoing of any active enterprise. Even in our lives, sufferers are found to be repeating similar kind of mistakes over and over again – giving rise to the idea of vice. Because the cause of any repetitive mistake is to be traced to the presence of some or other vice in a person.

seven deadly sins
Source of the image: Wikipedia

Some people have a tendency to get angry and this leads to bad decisions and erosion of their potentials. Addiction, laziness, cowardice, gullibility are all such vices which predispose a person towards making errors of a consistent nature. How does it happen? First of all, the vices always lead to a narrowing of perception. This in turn transfixes the involved individual upon the exact cues present in her environment which exacerbate or worsen her situation. Narrowed perception during anger starts to feed upon the anger inducing cues leading to a build-up of greater and greater amounts of anger. Hit by a wave of laziness a person starts to focus upon ways to become lazy and struck by cowardice a person becomes completely glued to cues which induce fear and inaction. There is a corresponding thought pattern to each of such a state. Therefore, the removal of vice and building up of character is the first and foremost requirement before action towards success are given a start.

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