Good News: A Short Story

On a night of fierce winds and ferocious rains, a girl was caught unawares of the strike by cab drivers as she stood outside a plush restaurant after an insipid dinner with a colleague of her office. The rendezvous started with a great promise, unlike her previous experiences here was a guy who was waiting for her a little before the appointed time.

girl in rain
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And there were no tricks either! No attempts at giving her a “pleasant” alarm of sorts, by either approaching her from unexpected directions or vanishing and reappearing as if a magic show was going on. Here things had looked decent to start with. He was casually dressed and even had a bouquet for her, so she even mind when he had a quick glance at another girl passing by to the table at the end of the hall while he was pulling out the chair for her.

talking to girl
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There was a faint glimmer of a build up of spontaneous cordiality between them as soon as the conversation started and instead of talking about the work at their office they got interested in the appearance of each other. He remarked on her hair which she had curled up just for the occasion and she made a sentence of admiration or two on his sophisticated way of calling out the waiter. Orders were placed. She decided upon a margarita and he ordered orange juice smiling apologetically about being a teetotaler She had a recollection about his drinking bout at the recent annual office party but she didn’t say anything. Maybe he was going for a better impression. She didn’t mind. She was never hung upon looks of a guy or his ways of carrying himself. She was also not very much interested in the earnings or educational qualifications either. So, what she was looking in a guy? There was a time when she could have spoken volubly on this topic.

contemplative girl
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Her room mates would shriek with flippant energy at many of her coarse remarks during her hours long soliloquy every once in a while on the topic of the ideal guy for her. However, those were the days of the past. She is an adult now. Earning a living and struggling to keep her head in a murderously competitive job in a big city. She needs to put her entire being into her work every day, often just to keep her head above water while the “dudes” get along just fine by simply looking after each other’s backs. There hasn’t been a single girl to work with her for the last few projects and she is handling not only the sudden changes in the deadlines but also all the nothing held back competitiveness of her colleagues. And every once in a while it all just gets too much too handle. Then all she needs is a little companionship, a relaxed evening and most importantly a night of calm sleep.sleep

Too much to ask for! She knows that. And that’s why she has found a number of ways to keep herself engaged and away from the all too simple needs of human existence on which the ultra-modern society has placed the heaviest of all premiums. She can have a guy with a lot of emotional warmth to offer but then he would most likely be without a sense of purpose in life and consequently with a skewed sense of dignity and honor. And then there are toughened ones who simply cannot afford anything other than surface contact for they need to play by the rules and in there women got to be everything but not their priorities. And there are way too many variants of these two basic types to even start making any sense of. Every once in a while she manages to get out of the finding a mate conundrum and gets comfortable with her life as it is. Her quaint apartment, her small items of decoration and her shopping sprees and shows and all the food she would cook for herself.

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Right when things would start to look settled and she would start to forget about her need of a companion, someone would get close. She would resist but every new encounter will give her these hopes and she would eventually go for another attempt but always without fail would leave with all the broken pieces.

It was probably going to be different this time. He was younger than her. Soon he spoke about his interests, he volunteers on a regular basis and plays soccer. She opened up too. She didn’t mind his loud guffaws while he didn’t pay attention to her snots in between her suppressed way of laughing. Two courses of dinner were over and she still hadn’t felt any nausea. That was good news. That was the only good news.


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