Quiet Desperation of Stagnant Lives

Out of one’s elements. Feeling listless. Zero motivation. These are quite alarming issues which affect a large number of people.

However, getting worked up for no reason is a tendency among those who are often bored to their wits’ ends and also have a plenty of resources with which they can engage themselves.

Many a times a person may find himself or herself in such a situation by a mere matter of inheritance or chance. Laid off from work and unable to find gainful employment, failed relationships, accumulated losses and many others factors may be considered examples of such deplorable positions in life a person may find himself or herself stagnated at.

Stangnant in life
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While it may appear like adding insult to injury, a low level of intelligence too is a culprit in keeping people tied up to states of life where all hope seems to have vanished from their lives.

Simply because once you have an adequate level of resources at your disposal and if you are possessed with a sharp witted brain then it should definitely be a matter of putting your mind to productive usages in order to find something of a magnitude and range which can turn the hours at your disposal to works which will not only provide you with a decoupling of sorts from the inertia induced thought processes associated with boredom but also add a lot of worth to your being by making you well-versed in a range of skills.

Often people who find themselves stagnating at a particular phase in life are prone to aggression and violent behaviors.

Unnecessary bursts of anger could be symptomatic of an underlying malaise, at times, leading to consequences which may or may not be productive and fruitful for persons concerned.

fire and anger
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Anger is a necessary evil of sorts, as it serves a variety of purposes ranging from maintaining the personal boundaries of a person to following of one’s own best interests.

However, on the physiology of a person, anger can have deleterious effects as it releases such enzymes and by-products to the blood stream of the body that causes corrosion of sorts to the fine internal organs of the human body.

Similar is the effect of prolonged depression. Certain new kinds of frailties, physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual may bombard the person and higher psychical structures may also become deteriorated over time.

Chronic  and suppressed anger rather than being a motivator of actions is experienced as stress, particularly among those who can not risk or afford to vent out their anger.

There are a range of suggestions and whole procedures available to help people cope with the problems they face when they are suffering from such issues.

When you find yourself stagnating at any particular phase in life, it is important to be wary of certain kinds of denials.

Reflective girl
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It is a given, in order to live a life in our conundrum  of ultra-modern lives where all old conventions and ways to keep the true nature of existence and its accompanying dreads at a distance from the lives of the most have been swept away with the outburst of technological advances, one needs to build barriers of one’s own just to remain sane and afloat.

However, it is of utmost importance to keep in mind the importance of certain choices and the extremely deleterious effects of some others.SocialMedia-19-healthyplace

Free thinking and its attendant attitude of questioning everything may even find the foundations of morality and need for character hollow and no definite necessity to follow prescribed paths.

However, some choices have retained their emblem of societal awe and admiration simply because in the long run and on the rugged paths of real life they still work.

It could be argued that it’s mainly because of the weight of social approval that these choices still carry. Here one needs to remind himself or herself of the most important rule of struggles of life – winning is all that matters.

Therefore one needs to be vigilant about the battles one gets involved in and also of one’s own limitations.

Also important is to realize the need for consistency. Once you start doing anything it starts to happen.

At least, this is absolutely true of cultural tasks. One may not be able to develop a better visual acuity or follicle growth than is possible within one’s genetic make-up, however, when it comes to those endeavors which are man-made or cultured once a person builds-up a momentum he or she can only keep on moving ahead.

Here the enemies are inertia or inability to push through crucial obstacles which threaten to kill the built-up momentum.

The initial heavy reluctance to wake-up early and start exercising gives way to a healthy addiction to exercising if only consistency is maintained and any build-up of inertia induced obstacle is vigorously tackled with.

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The same is true with the setting up and maintenance of an active routine for the purpose of intellectual, creative or academic achievements.

The initial euphoric buzz gets transformed into an involved commitment to a practice if only a hyper-vigilance of sorts is maintained during the initial or the first nascent phase of habit building, critical for acquisition of associated skills.

Greater the slack bigger is the set-back, therefore a constant vigilance against any obstacles is to be maintained.

Utmost important for any proper recovery and its sustenance is the acceptance of the present.

What a person is at the present, at the moment should guide one’s actions. Many a people are stuck in a rut because they keep looking over their shoulders towards the possibilities of what may have happened if they had taken one step to the right instead of one to the left and from very close quarters life sure does seem to be following the dictates of the butterfly effect; a slightest of movement and the course one’s life takes could be totally different from one taken by another.

This realization in itself may not do much good to many a people. Even with all the predicaments of life, all the hostility of forces competing against your chosen goal, all the odds against you, it still your set of choices which bring about the outcomes you experience in your life.

This is a statement of colossal proportions and quite debilitating for many who necessarily need the cover of various structures and facades to protect themselves from the weight of their own choices and its consequences.past present future

Various highly systematic and greatly complicated structures of organised thoughts and ideas are created for the sole purpose allowing those who are unable to carry the weight of their own absolute freedom to find a rationale for externalizing the cost of their choices.

The thousands of years of civilization and the elaborate ways to keep the center of power concentrated in a few hands sure make it inevitable that the larger populace for the sake of their own well-being must be kept away from gaining access to the utmost of their capabilities and potentials.

Why should that be so? Probably, the first few who struck upon the essential nature of human existence did it through their own efforts and were later loathe to share the knowledge with others without imposing a cost.

Or it could simply be a matter of intelligence which first and foremost allows a person to gain a precise measure of his or her own strengths and weaknesses, in other words a wholesome awareness and knowledge of oneself. With this awareness the risks and chances, necessary for progress and forward movement a person undertakes are in close alignment with his or her abilities leading to successes and a cumulative impact of their collective weight which keeps a person elevated and more geared towards furthering his or her best interests.

Those who are stuck in the past necessarily make the mistake of exaggeration. Overestimating their own capabilities and engaging in tasks where the risks are steeply high.

In order to get over stagnation, many decide to give a complete make over to their lives. Some go on expeditions. Some say we have to keep looking, others say it is best to halt and enjoy what we have; be grateful, in other words.

Even for those who preach constant activity and exploration of newer areas, tirelessly finding out activities and challenges, do agree on the need of gratefulness.

Source of the image: Huffpost

Without cherishing and most importantly persevering what you have, one can not go on newer adventures.

It is often assumed about those who are forever on the move, always eager to take a plunge into a new enterprise are averse to stability, to status quo that is holding things as they are.

However, looking at the lives of these people from close quarters, one can easily see how these people of an adventurous streak hold onto things that are important to them and these very things provide an anchor, a referent point, a lighthouse of sorts to them. When they are way out of the way, sometimes maybe out of their depths, it is these very roots of perseverance that bring them back.

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