The Reader

One of the greatest authors speaking about the method behind his writing process once said that as soon as he wakes up words and sentences start to form in his head and he needs to put them down on paper just to keep his head clear.

girl reading book
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Many other writers may have expressed similar thoughts about the reason and motivations behind their writing process. So, is it a sort of compulsion? a mental necessity which prompts a person to write? Another author squarely termed all acts of writing or even artistic pursuits as manifestations of mental anomalies in the people who exhibit these qualities. Their produced works is then in turn liked by those who have similar disturbances of the mind. This may sound a little extreme, however, given the range of experiences even a normal life offers, one may wonder about the motivations of a reader.

How a person manages to engross herself in a book, particularly those of fiction? Is the outside, real and tangible world so insipid that a person finds the make-believe world created out of symbols and signs more stimulating and nurturing of her imagination? May be this is the key concept. Imagination. Every person is infused with it to some extent and like any other aspect or faculty of human existence it also needs its very own sustenance.             girl with books


Proper functioning of every human functionality merely implies proper usage. So, it is with human imagination – the functionality behind humanity’s greatest works and discoveries and also its most horrible degradation. It is a tool which if not properly used may result in consequences harmful not only to the person concerned but also to those around her. The works of fiction provide a way to not only keep an individual’s imagination engaged but also conducive to further growth in the right directions. The content of imagination is contingent upon the attention span a person is able to exercise.

(The mentioned authors are Ernest Hemingway and George Bernard Shaw. )

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