Chilled Marrow

Behind her the panelled glass gave the view of the cold street. On the wide sidewalk, a few eplloid of metal were sunk in the ground for cyclists to lock in their bikes.

woman wearing white long sleeved shirt standing on snow
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The gloom of an overcast sky was put in balance by the chill of a light breeze which never really picked up and sharply brushed against the pedestrians in winter jackets and pummelled cold caps.

cars on road with snow
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The booming music continued to blare outside on the street and he had felt a nostalgic chill of sorts hitting deep in the bones as he had passed by, making him less inclined to enter. Yet, he did and was now seated facing her and the street which was brightly exposed by the pale light.

people in couch
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He was attempting to the utmost to merely throb from one nothingness to another in his within.

The frozen sunlight was melting- all over in the background, behind her, facing him, on the wall-sized glass panes, on the streets outside, and on all the vehicles and pedestrians moving by. From the warmed up bowels of the restaurant, the life outside was existing as if inside a refrigerator.

photo of city during winter
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The chill in the air refused to be countered by the warm slush of blood within the body and was adamant upon entering the very core of anyone who had decided on his own volition or otherwise to walk through it. The kingdom of cold was raging and was there to stay.

grayscale photo of woman
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The chill he had accumulated was now pouring out, mainly through his numbed out fingers, his groin and leather encased feet. The residue of embattered warmth was pulsating as jacked up heartbeats below his knees and on the upper corner of his ears. The attendants of the restaurant had a hang of his and her condition and were standing- by allowing them to thaw, evenly and completely.

assorted bottle inside bar
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Slowly, he looked around. From the showcase of bottles of alcohol to the firm shape of the waitress. A bright red colour of invitation sat upon her lips.

person wearing red lipstick biting film
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He tried to catch her eye. However, a slight start from the girl in front of him, one with whom he had walked inside, brought him back. She had warmth too. However, whenever she opened the door of the furnace, for him and him alone, he was somewhere else; trying to find comfort from the dough coloured, marble-eyed girls.

beautiful beauty blue eyes bonnet
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She was left injured. On her own to pick up the pieces of her damaged pride;  the essential sense of confidence in her own charms, no girl can survive without. However, she was suffering from one breakage or another a few times everyday.

cold snow road landscape
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Feminine rage was now replaced with bewildered helplessness. She has to be, however, in what form and for what purpose was a challenge existence was posing to her late every night and early every morning.

adult alcohol alcoholic beauty
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A sleepless exhaustion alone was the empty fuel driving her forward – all the while eating into her bodily strengths and mental resistances.

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