Revisiting Serpico

Years ago, way back during late adolescent years, I had watched one of the iconic movies directed by Sidney Lumet and starring Al Pacino – Serpico. A few years ago there was a documentary on the life and trials of sergeant Serpico and it also had a significant amount of coverage about the movie and […]

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Chilled Marrow

Behind her the panelled glass gave the view of the cold street. On the wide sidewalk, a few eplloid of metal were sunk in the ground for cyclists to lock in their bikes. The gloom of an overcast sky was put in balance by the chill of a light breeze which never really picked up […]

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Money Monster: Role of money in the origin of political divide

All human systems are social, and so is the commercial market. The excessive use of technical analysis often used to explain the underlying structure of commercial markets subdues the essential humanness of the economic realm. This alienation of sorts is largely made possible by the presence of monetary transactions. Money based interpretations are amenable to […]

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A New Voice

In what novel ways can a person be tortured to death and a woman modest or a girlĀ  immaculate can be ravaged beyond hopes of repair

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