A Contrarian View On Vice

Any analysis of failure will sure throw up a pattern of repetitive mistakes. A series of such mistakes eventually causes the undoing of any active enterprise. Even in our lives, sufferers are found to be repeating similar kind of mistakes over and over again – giving rise to the idea of vice. Because the cause […]

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Stage Innovator

This bridge is not taut. Definitely not taut enough for one of the longest in the country. Whenever any automobile bumps over the metal girders that connect any two concrete blocks, multiples of which make up the whole bridge, it shakes and around the middle it wobbles. Once a couple who were standing there for […]

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Birdman Or (The Unexpected Virute Of Ignorance) is the new story. Explain?

It’s a fabulous mix- up of various themes. That much is too obvious to need counting off. But there is the obedient camera in there which as a friend of mine once remarked “almost makes you follow the story and its nuances.” It’s for the ‘perpetually distracted’ young people then. (Quotes because following virtual world […]

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Slums of Chennai: Vishalakshi Thottam

For the slum dwellers of Vishalakshi Thottam hope lies in political agency.   “We need to build local structures to help ourselves,” says the 25 years old Mohandas who heads the DMK’s local office. The youth of the area have fast learned the importance of political connections but they also understand that there is no  alternative […]

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