Going Mental

Commenting on the nature of mental illnesses, Joseph Heller, in his hilarious rendition of the Old Testament, “God Knows” had David mouth the statement that it is contagious much like physical illnesses. It is apparently quite an offensive statement particularly given the sensitivity with which the issues associated with mental disorders are treated in our […]

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Absurd:Camus (Part 2)

The political implications of being Absurd are explained in  Albert Camus’ “The Rebel,” or to put it in a better way, the political framework of Absurdist thinking is laid down in the book because it is easy to confuse an Absurd person with a cynic. A cynic thrives in confusion and is hopeless while an […]

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When you wake up with a jolt, severed suddenly from the comfort of the dream world – which had become so real that for an infinitesimal span of time your external frame of reference comes undone and you find yourself marooned on an alien territory. You are, nevertheless, aware of yourself, and even in that […]

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On Human condition

For Freud the essence of all human endeavours was to be found in the instinctual sex drive. In “The Future of an Illusion”, he emphasises on the  role played by the sexual behaviour in determining an individual’s overall behavioural pattern. He believed, thwarted or diseased child-parent relationship erodes the former’s ability to establish and or […]

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Why So Irrational ?

  Irrationality is a negative trait. Most people will agree to this statement. Various thinkers have   urged human beings to become more rational in their approach.The myriad of problems the world faces or has faced in the past can often found to be results of irrational thinking. Not being able to be rational enough often causes […]

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